When Praises Go Up 2015: Meet JT Cotton

Gospel Recording Artist JT Cotton

Newark Symphony Hall proudly presents the 5th annual When Praises Go Up Gospel Showcase honoring Gospel recording artist Minister Donnie Harper on Sunday, December 13, 2015 beginning at 4 pm in the Sarah Vaughan Concert. JT Cotton, a featured background vocalist for this year’s showcase sat down to talk about his upcoming performance. Read the brief interview below.

With this being your first time participating in the When Praises Go Up! Gospel Showcase, how did you hear about the event?

One of my church brothers actually told me about the event and said it would be a great opportunity.

When did you know ministry was your calling?

It’s been in my heart since I was a little boy. I always believed in reaching each person where they are and helping them get to where God wants them to be. Through it all I’ve learned that ministry is not a title but a lifestyle.

Being a recording artist is hard but being a Gospel recording artist is even harder. Gospel artists are held to a much higher standard. How are you able to merge your sonic styling with your traditional Gospel roots?

I wouldn’t necessarily say merging the two because what I have is a unique God given sound created for me to deliver a message. It may come in different musical sounds, lyrics, and melodies but the foundation remains the same. LOVE.

What’s next for JT Cotton the artist?

The next thing for me is to build relationships with the right people, enhance my overall craft, and continue to explore new opportunities on various platforms to put my gifts into the right vehicles.

When Praises Go Up Gospel Showcase is a yearly event put on by the venue to help local gospel artists showcase their talents and abilities as well as local churches to share the message of the Lord with others.

Be sure to witness JT Cotton minister live in the When Praises Go Up Gospel Showcase on Sunday, December 13, 2015. To purchase tickets please visit the Newark Symphony Hall Box Office located 1030 Broad Street in Newark, New Jersey or call 973-643-8014.

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