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Griffith Beach Theatre Pipe Organ

Griffith Beach Organ

The Griffith Beach Organ Company built ten theatre organs in theatres in northeastern New Jersey between 1921 and 1925. Earl Beach had worked with Robert Hope-Jones at his factory in Elmira, NY. In the early 1920s Beach formed a partnership with the Griffith Piano Company of Newark, NJ. The organ in Newark Symphony Hall was installed in 1925. The Harmonic Tuba has H.J. (Hope-Jones) stamped on it.

The rededication concert for this organ was held on Saturday, November 10, 2001 with 200 people in attendance. Organist Ralph Ringstad, Jr. accompanied the silent film, Steamboat Bill Jr., and presented a one-hour concert. This theatre pipe organ currently continues to be maintained by a volunteer group of Garden State Theatre Organ Society members.

[ Click here for more information on the Garden State Theatre Organ Society website ]

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