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Rental Information

Sarah Vaughan Concert Hall

Sarah Vaughan Concert Hall
Formerly “The Mosque”, the Sarah Vaughan Concert Hall is an ornate theater with a proscenium stage suitable for all types of programs including R&B, Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz, Dance, Film Screenings, Corporate Meetings and much more.
Capacity: 2703 (plus 40 pit seats available)
200 for Dinner Seating on Stage
Stage: 65’ x 45’ Proscenium Opening
Dressing Rooms: 10
Green Rooms: 2
Equipment: Limited Theatrical Lighting
ICOM monitor system
Orchestra Pit
1112 Pipe Griffith Beach Theatre Organ
See Technical Specifications for full detail

Technical Specifications

Stage Dimensions:

Proscenium opening – 63 ft.
Depth – 38 ft. from plaster line to back wall
Apron – 5 ft.
Total depth – 43 ft.
Wing space stage left – 18 ft.
Wing space stage right – 14 ft.
Total stage width approx. – 85 ft.
Grid height – 56 ft.

Fly System: 36 Counterweight linesets mostly on 6 in. centers although some are offset due to structural obstacles.
Gold house curtain operated manually from stage right.
House curtain does not travel. Up and down only.
House provides 5 black velour legs and 5 black velour borders.
House provides mid-stage blackout drop and upstage blackout drop.
Lineset #13 has a 50 ft. X 22 ft. movie screen. (Not movable!)
Movie screen is 16 ft. upstage from edge of stage and 11 ft. upstage from plaster line.
#1 Electric is on lineset #3.
#2 Electric is on lineset #16.
#3 Electric is on lineset #28.
#4 Electric is on lineset #29.
2 sound points are permanently installed front of house approx. 5 ft. from the stage apron and 19 ft. from center stage.

House lights powered by 3 - 12 X 2.4k LMI dimmer racks.
House lights controlled manually from backstage (right).
Stage lighting controlled by 1 - 96 X 2.4k LMI dimmer rack.
Front of house lighting (colonnades), consists of 12 – Source-4 10’ lekos house right and left providing 3 separate color washes, (pink, blue and no color).
6 – Source-4 lekos stage left and right torm positions for In-1 and apron lighting, (no color).

Stage lighting is repertory plot consisting of 3 separate electrics with 6 Source-4 leko pipe ends for side light and 6 Par-64’s for down and backlight (pink and blue).
#4 electric consists of 5 – T-3 500w strip lights, (no color) with 3Source-4 leko pipe ends for side light, (no color).
NOTE: House does not provide colored gel.

House provides 2 Satellite II spotlights approx. 170 ft. from stage. DMX control can be provided if rentor wishes to control house stage lighting from front of house.

Power: 4 – 600 amp. services provided stage right (cam lock and bare ends).
2 – 200 amp. services provided stage left for sound power.
Dressing Rooms: Directly behind concert hall stage are 5 – 8 ft. X 12 ft. dressing rooms with mirrors and mirror lighting and restroom and shower facilities.  In addition 1 – 9 ft. X 10 ft. room can be used as a production office.  One level above Concert Hall are 5 - 10 ft. X 21 ft. chorus dressing rooms that are adequate for 10 people. Two levels above Concert Hall is a 24 ft. X 48 ft. rehearsal area One level below Concert Hall is a 20 ft. X 23 ft. green room which can accommodate up to forty people for catering purposes. There are also two adjacent restrooms next to this area.
Miscellaneous: 9 ft. baby grand piano
1 podium
1 single manlift – 32 ft. working height
Load-In: All load-ins from stage left
2 loading bays – Upstage one has leveler dock plate.
Freight elevator is 8 ft. - width x 12 ft. depth x 9 ft. height.
Upstage left has 2 double doors 8 ft. x 16 ft. Directly stage left are two additional double doors of same height and width where scenery too large for the freight elevator can be handed to stage level from the loading dock one floor below.
NOTE: The freight elevator does not go to the 2nd level above stage (rehearsal area).

Upcoming Events

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Saturday, January 20
Soul Line Dance Party: Black History Month
Friday, February 9
Sexy Dance Class with Shernita Anderson
Friday, February 9
Spring Children
March 5 - May 4
Soul Line Dance Party: 70s Funkadelic
Friday, March 9
Maurice Chestnut
Saturday, April 21
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