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I remember in the late 50s/early 60s dancing in Miss Frabell's School of Dance recitals. We danced the can-can, and had day-glo petticoats on which they'd shown fluorescent light to glow in the dark. Very cool at the time! And then later I remember both the Rolling Stones concert and Peter & Gordon with Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells. It felt just as grand to me as Radio City Music Hall!
─ Robin Kantor (West Orange, NJ)
My great-grandfather, Jacob Stromp, and three of his sons, Jacob, Charles & Louis, were concert musicians in Newark in the early 1900s. In 1942, Louis was a member of Musicians Union Local 16, Jim Biunno, president. If you can provide any information about these people or this time period, 1900-1940, I would be very grateful.
─ Ted Roberts (Kitty Hawk, NC)
When I was very young I saw Johnny Mathis for the first time at the Mosque Theatre. I have long been trying to remember what year that was. Does anyone know the answer to that? Saw him again for about the 10th time last night in Melbourne, Florida. He is still GOLDEN! Would so appreciate a response about the date or even the year would be fine!
─ Celeste Burd (Satellite Beach, FL)
I remember when the Whispers came to perform. I don't recall the year, it had to be before 1981, because my daughter was born in Michigan by then. But I do remember that night her father proposed. Thanks for the memory.
─ Dolores Thornton (Newark, NJ)
In 1956 or '57 I attended a concert with Flatt and Scruggs opening for Johnny Cash and the Tennesee Two. It had been promoted by Don Larkin. The overflow crowd necessitated kids to be invited to sit on the floor on stage during the performance. Johnny broke a string and my buddy, Neil, grabbed it for his homemade shrine to our hero. For this 12 yr. old at the time, it was an amazingly influential time and started my lifelong love affair with Cash's music and also bluegrass. I'd love to learn of the exact date of that concert.
─ Jack Hyde (Holland, MI)
Symphony Hall has always been the greatest place to enjoy entertainment in Newark. My memories were when I was a young child, my Dad and Mom use to attend a party there called the Black and White Ball. It was the kind of party that P Diddy has the all-white party clothes, but it was called the Black and White Ball. My parents looked sharp. They danced the night away. Since they had 13 children, that dancing was a get away to falling in love all over again. I also use to attend all shows from the Delfonics to Phyllis Hyman to Politics. When I became a young adult I did fashion shows at the Terrace Ballroom, Ebony Manor, Touch of Class, Robert Treat Hotel. Do you remember the Ebony Manor!? Wow! My Dad, who was an alto sax player, played in the big band at the Terrace Ballroom with Lindsey Nelson, Sam Woodyard, Louie Armstrong, etc. I also attended the Muslim Bazaars. Great memories.
─ Marlene Detric Peterson (Roselle, New Jersey)
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